On offer from our personal collection is this sensitive Byeri figure from the Fang peoples of Gabon. Such reliquary figures are intended to guard the relics of tribal ancestors, & are placed atop the containers housing the revered ancestral relics. The "stem" supporting & protruding from the figure's buttocks is used to help secure the statue by inserting it into the lid of the Byeri box.

With its poignant, youthful features, we believe this figure was intended to memorialize the death of a male infant or child, & to watch over & protect his remains. Adding to the overall reverent melancholia of the piece are the hollow eyes... Other features include an exaggerated umbilicus & striated coiffure. Twisted nails are still present in the underside of both feet that we believe were used to help fasten the figure to the lid of the container that would have held the child's relics.

Overall condition:
good. There are some imperfections in the wood, including scuffs & abrasions, & a few minor, old chips. The figure needs additional support to stand. Fine patina. Haunting display.

wood, metal hardware (nails)

Approximate dimensions:
15" H x 4.75" W x 4.25" D

Estimated age:
40+ years

Total shipping weight:
ca. 8-lbs.

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Item offered:

Fang Infant/Child Byeri
Reliquary Guardian Figure

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