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Fang Bronze Maternity Figure


From our personal collection, on offer is this sensitive bronze maternity figure that we believe to be from the Fang peoples of Gabon. Quite an unusual casting... rather than being first sculpted in clay (from which a mold would be formed, etc.), the sculpture has the appearance of the metal having actually been hand-formed directly, after heating it to make it malleable for shaping. Another unusual aspect of the piece is that it also serves as a rattle, with tiny bits of material (presumably metal as they have a 'metallic' sound when shaken) inside the figure's hollow form that can be heard shifting about when the figure is moved to & fro.

A tender grouping, the mother, whose distended belly suggests she may be carrying another offspring, clasps one child to her right breast, while in her left arm & with added support from her hip, she holds a second child who bears a bowl in its arm. Arms of both children wrap around their mother's back.

Despite a few minor casting imperfections, including a pin-hole in the bowl, this poignant sculpture is in good overall condition. And although the figure stands unassisted, it would be prudent to allow for something to be leaned against for added stability. Old patina with oxidation present. Touching display.

metal ~ bronze

Approximate dimensions:
4.25" H x 2" W x 1.5" D

Estimated age:
50+ years

Total shipping weight:
ca. 1-lb.

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