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Galleria Primitiva ~ Galleria Moderna
Galleria Primitiva
             Artist's statement:
"This sculpture is composed from active memories of a young woman staring out to sea, across the English Channel. A once occasion on the beautiful coast of Dorset, Southern England."

Edition: 1 of 6
38.1" H x 14.5" W x 16.5" D
97cm x 37cm x 42cm

          related poem by the artist:
           Headland /The Beloved
                   Purbeck 1972
You turned looked back at me and smiled
On that cliff top path when winds blew
Your hair across your face, gusted wild
Urging us inland the way ahead too
Dangerous with daylight dimming down
As rain veils swept the encroaching tide
A time it was neither earning the other's frown
And each longed for that moment to lay aside
All else but that concentration upon
Love well past the un-noted midnight hour
And awake to love before the summer sun
Or caressing rain gales gusted and skies lour,
A time it was when all had seemed well
Heedless of what dangers the wild winds might tell.

~ Thomas W. Bates
    November 1999

    printed by permission
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Charles Pizer ~ Artist/Solar Art
Thomas W Bates ~ Artist/Sculptor
Stuart Hirst ~ Artist/Painter
An exceptional casting by an exceptional artist, on offer is this superb bronze by master sculptor, Thomas W. Bates. The inherent level of artistry & workmanship warrants museum exhibit. A force to be reckoned with, the sheer power & immediacy of Bates' sculptures are at once evident, inescapable, & boldly compelling... This is a rare opportunity to acquire an extraordinary work by one of the world's finest living sculptors.

Sharply defined contours enhance the strong facial features of the Headland, contrasted by the multi-tiered craggy cliffside that forms the upper brow & top of the head, surmounted by the slender form of a female figure, gazing outwardly. With its cutaway features, the piece is highly conceptual, rich with symbolism, & deeply personal. Remarkable detail... The bronze has been mounted on a base crafted of jarrah wood, a hardwood finished in its natural color. Both rugged & refined, at over 3-feet in height, this remarkable work makes a magnificent display.

A sculptor all his life, Thomas W. Bates served as Senior Lecturer in Fine Art  & as Head of School of Sculpture, Exeter College of Art & Design, Exeter (UK), until leaving in 1990 to concentrate full time on his own work. His work has been exhibited at the Royal Academy (London) & numerous commercial galleries & private forums in the UK & Australia. At the age of 77 & with his artwork housed in collections around the world, Bates continues to produce a steady & prolific stream of sculptures, drawings, & poetry from the rural seclusion of his studio in South Australia.
     "This is an artist you can trust."
      ~ Tony Smith, Arts Review UK, Volume XXXX No. 3
Thomas W Bates ~ Artist/Sculptor