Item offered:

Ashanti Bronze/Brass
Female Figure with Offering Bowl


On offer from our personal collection is this exquisite bronze/brass sculpture of a female bowl bearer from the Ashanti peoples of Ghana. Known for their skilled & imaginative metalwork, the Ashanti are prolific in their production of figures, objects known as "gold weights," & various metal boxes & containers.

Cast using the lost wax methold, the kneeling female figure presents a large offering bowl. A raised straight-plus-zig-zag double-line motif appears around the circumference of the bowl, punctuated by a pattern of raised concentric semi-circles. A graceful figure with slender, elongated features, the woman's head is adorned with a distinctive & strikingly beautiful coiffure/headdress. Her stylized ears add to the conceptualism & uniqueness of the piece.

Despite some casting imperfections which produced a few minor pin-holes, this highly sensitive sculpture is in very good overall condition. Wonderful verdigris patina, with oxidation present inside & out. Captivating display.

metal ~ bronze/brass alloy

Approximate dimensions:
7" H x 3.75" W x 5.5" D

Estimated age:
mid-20th century

Total shipping weight:
ca. 6-lbs.

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